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Reservist yay.. ;p

Time again for the annual In-Camp Training that every male citizen have to do.
Pack my bags for a 2 week pre-etep exercise.
Tried on my army trousers when i was pretty confident i didn't put on any spare tires around my waist.
Confidence fell.
The moment i tugged up trousers up, i need to suck in my stomach to button the top most button. Oh my God..what the hell happened..its definitely the trousers yep! Not me.
Found most of my army socks had holes in them... oh wellz.. just throw them into the pack.

Every ICT, me and my buddy will move to my sis' home to stay, coz her home is just beside my camp.
And then starts the "Do as you are told" life.
We are the men.
We rough out every shit and make do with everything we can get our hands on. Half the time i was thinking why Singapore dun send the girls to army. That will help them get out of that "princess" behaviour. Whack them jialat jialat to show them how blessed they are.

What a great break from work... in an open field with no tree in sight but long grasses and the sun high up in the sky.

Got a nice sun burn and muscle ache from all those hard labour. Engineers equipment sure ain't light as feather. 5 more days to go.

Purple light, at the warfront,
That is where my buddy died,
If i die, would you bury me, with my rifle and my buddy and me....

-army song

Moved my home to 22 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2

Busy with work for the past few weeks.
Clocked about a weeks extra of of working hours for the whole month.
I spend more time at work rather than at home.

Still not fast enough for IPPT that is in 2 weeks time.
Ran til my legs cramped and puked out my dinner.
Training in progress.

Pissed and disappointed about a japanese chiobu collegue
Now dun even feel like looking at her.
Lost total interest in admiring her beauty.

Consolation 1: Booked tickets and treated my mother to Andy Lau's concert on the 12 Dec. (woo hoo, attending a concert)
Consolation 2: My radio and my MP3 player. Music drifts me off to a land of imagination and dreams. (bedtime practise..)
Consolation 3: Running and staring up into the sky and clouds feeling exhausted. (shiok lo. its theraputic)
Consolation 4: Close friends that really give a fart to bother to know what i'm going through and offer their companionship and words of comfort. ( yar..i need lots of affection..i'm demanding in this aspect heheh)

Aug. 24th, 2008

Gotten this pretty fun website from levian(insect)  http://www.levian.my

This website --->http://en.miraino.jp/ is supposed to predict your future by just entering your name.
Guess what i got when i entered marcus chew...

marcus chew's Future

Damn you old man...still CHARMING on young girls after all these years hahaha!!


Did a personality test I took out from Barbie's blog. http://disneybarbie.blogspot.com/

Thought it was just a little something more interesting than the usual personality tests. 
Here are the results of me!

Your answers suggest you are a Mastermind

The four aspects that make up this personality type are:

Planner, Ideas, Heads and Introvert

Summary of Masterminds

  • Visionaries who put energy into achieving their goals
  • Prefer to work independently and dislike inefficiency
  • Think of themselves as logical, thorough, and bright
  • Values practicality and common sense above ideas and theories

More about Masterminds

Masterminds create a vision for the future by gathering and organising information. They then develop strategies to achieve their goals. They have a rare gift for looking at almost anything and seeing how it can be improved. These skills and the Masterminds' high standards often allow them to reach leadership positions at work.

Mastermind is the least common personality type in the UK, according to a nationwide survey.

Masterminds value independence and prefer to work on their own. Once they have decided on a course of action, Masterminds rarely change their minds, although they can be persuaded by clear reasoning by someone they respect.

In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Masterminds may cut themselves off from a group and criticize people who don't understand their plans. Under extreme stress, Masterminds may overindulge in sensory experiences like eating, shopping or watching television.

Masterminds often have an unusual sense of humour, which arises from their ability to spot surprising links between seemingly unconnected facts.

Mastermind Careers

Masterminds are drawn to jobs requiring logical analysis or abstract thinking common in science or technical fields.

It's important to remember that no survey can predict personality type with 100 percent accuracy. Experts say that we should use personality type to better understand ourselves and others, but shouldn't feel restricted by our results.

Overall results

The graph below shows the percentage of people with each personality type out of everyone who has taken this test.

Those interested in having some fun with this test come to this link:

Speaking a little more of my own personality:
I noticed i have 2 major flaws which i am determined to correct. (base on the feed back from a few friends on different times of my life..which means its obviously my fault)

1) I make a lot of careless mistakes in doing things. That's probably why i dun score very well in exams. This part of me is really irritating the hell out of me. I remember when i was much younger, i got so pissed off that i banged my head on the wall so hard (... that's the kind of frustration i face) and when I get irritated and frustrated, I tend to get physical. hahahaha

2) I say alot of unneccessary things to other people which might result in me leaking some secrets out that i'm not aware that i'm telling.
Friends who i have friends in common are in danger.
Friends whom i dun have friends in common with..your quite safe.
I'm gonna tell myself everytime when i recieve a new gossip or news that... hide if possible... just to train myself up.

I'm gonna give myself 2 months for item 2...and... 6 months for item 1..

SOmething wrong with my blog...

Loading each page seems long.
I can't load my pictures
When i use mozilla firefox I can't even go into the login page.

Frustrating Frustrating...
NOt sure if this webpage has been gotten by some virus



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